Popular Flooring Options For 2018

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The world keeps getting better and better every day in means of almost all the fields. Hence, when there are better options that don’t your bank, you should never be stuck in the convectional box of decision making. When it comes to interior design and architecture, flooring might be the most important aspect of any property. Hence, being aware of popular flooring solutions is ideal if you were looking for a renovation or building from the scratch.

Timber flooringThis is considered as the most popular type of flooring ever since probably the Egyptian civilizations. The reason why it is still popular in 2018 is due to the constant constituent alterations that are carried away to improve their quality. It could be either growing the trees with special environmental conditions or in the process where they are cut and polished to suit the floors. For an example, there are several types of https://www.oztimberfloor.com.au/bamboo that can convey the exact vibe that you would want to linger in your premises. Amongst all the types, Botanica bamboo and BT bamboo are two of the widely chosen options that also might work for you.

Synthetic-plastic flooringWhilst giving the look of a wooden flooring, vinyl flooring Sydney is one of the most popular flooring options in 2018. Being made of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), it is later modified by adding various other compounds to meet the materials characteristics such as color, flexibility, sheen and the hardness. It is in fact one of the cheapest, yet most pristine flooring solutions that are in the market today. There are generally two types such as tiles or sheets. When choosing if it’s going to be either tile or sheet, the type of the floor on which it is laid is vital. It has to be extremely smooth and if it cannot be made so, you can go for a cheap subfloor layer option such as plywood.

Carpet flooringIn a country like Australia that reaches extremely cold temperatures, it is important that the indoor constructional materials that are used can insulate these matters once needs. In a matter like this tiles and marbles are out of the equation. However, carpets, although a little vulnerable to be damaged easily, is still one of the widely chosen flooring types. Usually this works for living rooms and bedrooms but according to your choice, it can be adapted always. There are many other flooring options such as laminate, cork and even concrete. But they have lost their popularity over time. Choosing one of the above 3 will surely get you the looks and the durability that you seek.timber-floors