What Is A Fabrication?

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Fabrication can be defined as the process of creating parts of metals through various physical processes. This is the process where certain raw materials are used to create the different components of the mechanics. It is termed as a “value-added process” as additional value is added through the various stages of production. There are three types of processes in good custom metal fabrication:


This process involves cutting which can be achieved through the process of sawing, shearing or chiseling with manual as well as powered variants; torching is carried out by special devices like plasma torches or oxy-fuel torches; and by numerical control cutters that uses water jets etc.BendingThis process is by either through force or powered hammering or can be done by press brakes or similar tools. Nowadays, employ special mechanisms to turn them into the required forms.


This process to join materials is known as binding and welding with the help of industrial glues, using rivets. Welding wires, flux, and fasteners are used for adjoining the cut pieces along with structural sheet and metal turned to sheets which are the usual basic material for fabrication. Both manual and automatic labor are used in this process. The companies or shops that specialize in the process of metal fabrication are known as fab shops.Now we shall see how it is done.Collecting raw materialsIn the process of metal fabrication Melbourne, various raw materials are the metal plate, welding rod/ wire, formed metal, casting, tube stock.

Burning, cutting

These raw materials then have reduced it to an appropriate size by a method known as shearing. The tables are powered by natural gas and are CNC-cutting torches. The plate steel placed on the table and then its different shapes are cut down as programmed.


This process actually converts flat shaped work piece to a 3D object here, force is applied the object without any addition or removal of materials to form a raw material piece using tools or machinery.MachiningIt is a method of getting rid of the waste material from a particular metal block to get the required shape. WieldingHere the parts will be will need to be welded together and special tests for accuracy need to be carried out to determine their values.Final assemblyAfter the sandblasting, priming and painting of weldment, the product is inspected and shipped to the customer.So, these were the different methods of fabrication of metals. Make sure that you appreciate any metal piece that you buy since it would have come through a tough and sophisticated industrial process.