Why You Should Have High Quality Skirting Rubber On Your Conveyor Belt

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Whether you are running a large automated factory, or one that relies more on human labour, it’s likely that some of your processes will rely on conveyor belts. They are often used as an effective way of moving heavy materials between different workstations and make up a crucial part of the production process. Depending on the type of manufacturing facility, most plants have some form of cutting process that they use to shape their products. This could be steel, wood or even stone cutting. Even the most efficient processes will have some form of dust generation, which translates to a loss of material. These dust particles that are released into the air can pose health risks for the worker, especially in the case of metals. The best way to reduce the amount of dust in the workplace is to install skirting rubber onto the conveyor belt. This will provide a protective seal and prevent the dust particles from escaping.

Depending on the safety regulations of your area, you may need to have quality rubber conveyor belt installed on your conveyor belt for workplace safety. However, besides preventing dust from escaping the process, there are many other benefits of skirting rubber on conveyor belts. One of the main benefits is that it helps keep the workplace clear. Imaging working in a room filled with so much dust that you cannot see. It becomes difficult to maintain productivity levels in such an atmosphere. By keeping the dust inside the conveyor, belt, you can actually improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process. On the other hand, open conveyor belts are likely to become clogged with dust particles that accumulated between the rollers. This could lead to serious damage to the entire machine. Making a small investment in a skirting system will reduce the repair costs in the long run.

As a production manager you are probably well aware of the difference that slight improvements in machine efficiency can have on the overall production costs. Most firms try and keep their machines well maintained and strive to reduce wastage as much as possible during production. However, nothing is perfect and it is unlikely that no material will be wasted. However, you can minimize this wastage through an effective skirting system that gathers the dust particles and keeps them inside the process. This can reduce material spillage as well. Although it does not eliminate the dust altogether, it ensures that the dust is collected in a way that does not damage the conveyor belt. This can lead to a cleaner workplace and will help you cut down on maintenance costs as well. However, always take care to install the skirting system through a quality manufacturer as they will use high quality rubber that lasts for years without wearing down.