Building A Guesthouse

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If you want to build a guest house and get in to the tourism market, the first thing that you will need to do is to do your market research. With any business, this is the most important part and it is important that you invest a lot of time into your research because the more research that you do the more likely your chances of having a successful business. You have to understand that the tourism market is divided in to two extreme groups.

The first is extremely rich tourists looking for luxury and a lot of facilities in their accommodation. These people will usually be older and will travel for the reasons of business and sometimes for leisure. The other group is extremely different from the first as they will consist of young people going on adventures around the world without much money in hand and without much of a plan. The first group will plan the itinerary in detail before they even leave their home country but the second group will come and book places on a spontaneous basis and will not be willing to spend too much money but they will also not expect too many luxuries. You will need to decide which of these two groups you are going to be targeting because you’re building design your pricing strategy and the number of rooms that you will have will depend on this.

Looking for the perfect location

When it comes to a guest house location is key. You need to find the perfect place that is easily accessible from the main road but also a place that has a beautiful view and is worth the traveler’s effort to travel to the location. If the location that you find is on a hill you will need to build concrete retaining walls to avoid the dangers of a landslide. In some countries due to unpredictable weather landslides are a lot more common than not and therefore it is important that you are careful as many lives will be in your hands.

If you are going to build a pool in your resort you could consider getting a beautiful pool that has pool fencing that is visible from downhill.Your marketing is extremely important and again will depend on your exact target market. If you are going to be targeting the upper class traveler, you will need to advertise your resort in printed travel and leisure magazines and also target them with social media marketing by location and you will have to do a lot of convincing.