Paleo Diet For Dummies

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The principle of Paleo diet is to mimic the food consumption habits of our ancestors. The major portion of the diet includes those foods which are unprocessed and whole. The Paleo Diet is extremely popular because the ancestors who followed the same were free of many modern recurring diseases such as obesity, heart problems, and diabetes. A lot of studies have shown that this diet can lead to a considerable decrease in body health issues and improve mental and physical health significantly.

What exactly is the meal plan?Like the Gluten-free diet, there is no set meal plan or order in which the food has to be consumed. It can be tailored according to the preferences of the consumers and what is available at that particular time. The basic foods of a Paleo diet include Eggs, Meat, Fish, Herbs and some oils such as olive. Do not include sugar, dairy products, legumes, trans-fats and some vegetable oils.One can also include seafood as long as they are not processed. It is recommended to choose grass-fed and organic produce for whatever food is bought. One can find a lot of varieties of paleo products Australia online which are organic and fit for direct consumption.But over time the Paleo diet has evolved a bit with the society opening up to incorporating other foods into it. For instance, there has been an increase in the consumption of grass-fed bacon and high-quality rice which are gluten-free. Many people follow the Paleo diet as a template and tune their existing diets accordingly to it.Wine and Dark Chocolates are allowed, albeit in small amounts. Red wine is more recommended since it is high in anti-oxidants. And also high-quality dark chocolate is nutrient – rich and good for the heart.

The best thing to drink while on a Paleo diet is water, obviously, but even tea and coffee are consumed in limited amounts even though they are traditionally not Paleo. Green tea is loaded with nutrients and anti-oxidants. Coffee also has a large number of anti-oxidants and as long as they are consumed in limited amounts, they can complement the diet as well. Do make sure not to use sweeteners or sugars while consuming the beverages. Before beginning a Paleo diet, it is better to clear all favorites and unhealthy temptations from the house. And if you want to reduce weight quickly, cut more carbs in the diet and replace them with nuts. If you are a vegan, do not fear. The Paleo diet contains a lot of vegetarian options. You can also buy vegan food online Australia, which is also very common with the Paleo diet. As a result, the effort to hunt for proper foods is reduced by a large extent.paleo-foods