Planning An Amazing Party For The Bride/Groom To Be

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A wedding is an amazing occasion for everyone, the bride, the groom, the families, friends, and the invitees but it’s as important to enjoy a good bucks/hens night too. On most occasions the responsibility of planning a memorable night for the bride/groom goes to the respective maid of honour and the best man. In addition to the two, friends of the groom and bride also help to organize the best hen’s bus in Sydney for their friend. If you have been given the responsibility of planning a hens/bucks party, then here are a few things you need to arrange;

Guests – A hen/buck party is usually an intimate gathering of the bride/grooms closest friends. Therefore, you may reach out to them individually and request them to RSVP to you. It is important to confirm the number of attendees as you would have to decide on a venue based on this number.

Venue – When organizing a bucks/hens party, it is vital to choose a venue that is close to the place you and the entourage will be staying at. This ensures there will be no last minute accidents or hassle to get to the wedding reception/church on time. Most hotels/party venues usually offer special packages for bucks/hens parties. Special packages would usually include decorations, complimentary wine/champagne upon request, private rooms, and menus to choose from. To find places as such, you can simply search online, ask a wedding planner, or simply look through any wedding directory magazines.

Refreshments – Apart from the venue, it is absolutely crucial to have a good selection of food for the guests. As friends of the groom/bride, you can select a menu ranging from starters to desserts filled with their personal favourite food. However, this may be possible depending on the terms and conditions of the venue. If the venue is flexible with their options, then you could do so, if not most venues provide pre-made set menus. As the party organizer, it is important for you to be aware of all guests eating preferences and create a menu to cater to all needs.

Transport – Most grooms/brides secretly love over the top gestures, so you can help your friend celebrate their night by surprising him/her and the guests by hiring special transport. Some companies now offer wedding limos, and hens’ bus.

This will help you create an amazing party atmosphere, and will help you cruise to any of your preferred party venues. And it saves you and the guests the hassle of having to travel to and from the venue.