Preventing Soil Erosion On Your Property

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Soil is subjected to the effects of the weather each and every day of the year, which will eventually wear it out and change it to something completely different. As this is a natural process, there is little we can do to overcome it. Even then, it isn’t really necessary to take any sort of action, as soil erosion itself is a very slow process: you won’t probably notice any changes for many years.

Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule, and these require your attention immediately. Remember that, while natural soil erosion is not really harmful in itself, it can cause serious problems when it occurs at an accelerated pace. Lack of vegetation, inappropriate building practices and other human activities are the main causes for unusually high rate of soil erosion. If you find that your own property is affected by this kind of soil erosion, be sure to read the following so as to take steps in order to prevent the worst:

  • Grow Plants – Plants help to hold the soil together with their roots. Due to this, plants with roots that reach deep beneath the soil layer are the best for this purpose, but even small shrubs and trees can contribute to holding soil particles together.
  • Build Everything According to a Plan – Before contacting limestone pavers for building your driveway or before renovating your existing one, be sure to lay down a plan Perth liquid limestone that detail everything that will be done during the construction project. Be sure to take steps in order to compact soil and prepare it to be paved, particularly if you find that the soil on your property is very loose.
  • Build Retaining Walls – Building a few limestone retaining walls can be useful if you want to do some landscaping without altering the soil composition or accelerating its erosion. Walls help us to build our property in the way we want, including elevations and depressions to our liking without hurting the soil layer too much.
  • Avoid Overwatering – Overwatering is a common problem with homeowners who have recently installed automatic sprinkler systems to water their lawn and plants. Remember to adjust your sprinklers in a way that they only water your lawn when absolutely necessary. The soil itself must be able to absorb all the water you supply; otherwise, it will only be washed away along with the excess water. Check out here for concrete slabs in Perth.
  • Make Use of Windbreaks – If you live in an area with strong winds, then that may also contribute to soil erosion. To reduce their impact on soil erosion, you can plant some trees at certain points to act as barriers (or windbreaks) to prevent the wind from picking up too many soil particles from the topmost layer. Windbreaks are commonly used in farming areas due to the nature of the land required for farming practices.