Student Accommodation: Pros And Cons Of Private Renting

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Moving to a new city for studies? Looking at accommodation options available to select from? If you’re looking for alternative accommodation option to living in a college hostel, in the same neighborhood, you might see reference to private renting in your college website. Private renting properties are pretty common around university campuses because of their communal nature. So what’s a private rental? And why would – or wouldn’t – you want to consider this option? Let us help you to make this decision!

What is private renting? AKA individual lease?

Unlike joint leases, private renting let at least two individuals to share the same property but pay different monthly rents. Each resident signs a lease contract to pay for the bedroom and a proportion of the shared areas such lounge, kitchenette, and other common areas. Many private renting properties have multiple number of single or double bedrooms, with or without a private bath for every room. Certain property will also be either fully or partly furnished. This is pretty much similar to houses for rent Eastlakes, except you wouldn’t be the only tenet in the property.

What are the advantages of private renting?

You only pay your part: With a private rental, you will have no liability for others who lives in the property. If a housemate decides to change places or avoid paying the lease, you and the other sharing the house wouldn’t have to consider chipping in to cover the amount short. Nor will you be expected to hunt for housemates. This will be a for real estate agents or your house owner. Similarly, you will only get blames for any damage to the property caused by you. So if your housemate damages the room wall it’s not going to be your problem. However, all residents in the property may be held responsible to any damage in the shared areas. Go right here if you are looking for real estate agents.

What are the disadvantages of private renting?

The biggest downside of a private rental is a peculiar one. If a housemate you are comfortable leave the house, proprietor can rent the empty space to anybody, without asking the remaining occupants. This could be a nasty experience if you are not comfortable the new roomie who will now share the same living room. However, the good news is, many private renting property communities offer housemate-hunting services that look at study habits, smoking, pets and other styles of living. Also individual leasing might come with a comparatively higher price tag as compared to you and few friends jointly renting a property.