What You Should Know About Compensation Cases?

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You should acquire complete details of your lawyer who will present your claim. Make sure that he knows well about your case and can suffice the need of your claim. He must not waste your time nor your claim because it is made once. His inexperience may bring complete loss to you and you may gain nothing except regret for hiring him. He should reflect his experience through your question answers and should be able to provide you complete guidance for the time frame of your case, legal fees and any other essential knowledge.  

He should be able to explain you the no win and no fee cost agreements. He should clearly explain you his legal fees and the cost agreements which he will provide to you. These legal fees can be confusing for you if you are not aware of the contingency fees and value billing. He should be able to explain you the terms used for legal fees that are contained in the agreements particularly related to no win no fee. Majority of the lawyers related to compensation cases charge on the basis of no win no fees. This term identifies that you are not liable to pay single penny until your claim turns to be successful. This shows up that you will not pay the legal costs. You will definitely pay the legal cost but that will be liable by the end of the claim when the lawyer will be able to obtain the whole of your compensation fully. Still, you will be liable for paying the legal costs.  

Many of the lawyers fail to clarify that in case if you lose your claim, no win and no fee will mean that you are not liable to pay your legal costs of the lawyer but also you are not liable for paying the legal cost of the defendant.  

In the compensation cases, the losers are liable to pay the legal costs of the winners too.  For instance, your case is established and no party is found to be at fault, then surely you will not pay your lawyer’s fee but you will be bound to pay the legal cost of your defendant. It can be the amount in thousands dollars. For more information, please log on to https://www.amwlaw.com.au/. 

You should gain understanding before entering into the agreement of cost related: 


  1. The method used by your lawyer for charging costs, is it hourly or other way? 
  1. Is the agreement a no win no fee agreement and what is its meaning? 
  1. In case, if you lose will you be liable to pay the defendant’s legal fees too? 

You should also know that whether the lawyer is willing to fund disbursements’ payments like the medical reports’ costs involved in the case or external company is paying or the client is supposed to pay him. As the claim of client progresses, these are the court fees, expert reports and medical reports. A good workers compensation lawyers in Cairns will do it for you on his behalf by funding all of these. Usually you will not pay for these expenses yourself but if you get trap under inexperience lawyer, then he will definitely ask for the payment upfront from you.  lawyers-hire-aus.jpg